Finch Hyundai

Using Google Ad Campaigns to
Increase In-Store Visits

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Finch Hyundai
Finch Hyundai is a London, ON-based, President’s Award of Merit winning new and used car  dealership. They’re known for outstanding customer service, quality new and used vehicles, and  for their stellar parts and repairs services. Finch Hyundai strives to stay on top of digital  marketing trends as one of Canada’s top performing Hyundai store’s.  
Finch Hyundai is consistently one of the top 3 dealerships in Ontario despite immense  competition. They remain a top competitor in the London car-dealership landscape by striving  to connect with new customers by being relevant in the digital consumers path to purchase,  and transforming that relevance into meaningful in-person interactions. Finch Hyundai is able  to accomplish this by growing online traffic and converting it to in-store visits and sales.
According to Google Statistics, 83% of shoppers who visit a store say that they researched the  location online prior to their visit. Digital Clicks Marketing (“DCM”) understood that getting  people to visit the dealership was essential to sales conversions. We wanted to find a way to  increase relevant traffic to the website and attribute in-store visits to online ad campaigns.  Together, DCM, a Google Partner Agency, worked with Finch Hyundai to get them added to the  Google Ads Beta for store visit conversions. 

How the Google calculates in-store visits:

A customer interacts with an ad for Finch Hyundai while signed in to their Google account  with location settings engaged
After interacting with the ad online, the customer visits the store
Google uses algorithms to connect the visit to the ad engagement using  privacy-protected aggregated data
Using the data produced by audiences that engaged in in-store visits, Digital Clicks Marketing  created campaigns including Search, Display and Video ads with targeted audiences and  keywords, and appealing messages, with the objective to increase online traffic and have that  interaction result in a subsequent in-store visit. The goal was to illustrate a direct correlation  between the ad campaigns and the foot traffic to the dealership.
When comparing quarters one and two to quarters three and four of 2019, Finch Hyundai reported a 56% increase in in-store visits as a direct result of DCM’s Google Ad campaign.