Using SEO Strategies to Boost Results in the Non-Profit Sector

Maximizing local impact

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ChildFund is a US based, international non-profit organization working toward a world where every child
is free to live at their fullest potential no matter where they’re from or the challenges they face. They
accomplish this by connecting children to what they need to grow up healthy, educated, skilled, and safe.

ChildFund wanted to improve its organic rankings and discoverability nationally in search engines.
ChildFund partnered with Digital Clicks Marketing (“DCM”) to develop a customized SEO strategy aimed
at increasing impactful traffic through highly targeted search queries.

Together, Digital Clicks and ChildFund set out to accomplish three primary objectives:

In order to meet objectives, Digital Clicks implemented a customized SEO strategy that included
technical site optimizations plus on and off-page tactics.

ChildFund’s partnership with Digital Clicks Marketing yielded positive results including:

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Digital Clicks Marketing’s strategic SEO campaign for ChildFund was designed to help ChildFund’s online presence continue to meet objectives and see positive future growth trends for search ranking and industry relevance.

“ChildFund was impressed with the rapid ranking improvements on our targeted keywords led by Digital Clicks. This helped improve the quality of our organic search traffic which resulted in revenue gains for our organization”.